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Posted by mary on

you need to get her a cat or dog because she needs interaction with the animal this will help her with the autism also

Colton Dixon
Posted by Paul Jenkins on

Thanks for bringing Colton to the Taste of Colorado over the wknd. HE was AWESOME!

friend judgement
Posted by Ruth on

If your friend is going to judge you because you are not unpacked then she is not really a friend, I understand wanting it to look great but there should be not judgement

music team
Posted by sabine lacy on

I signed up for beeing a part of the team (play what I say) about 10 days ago or so. Haven't heard anything yet. Does it take awhile to get notified? Also, how do I find out what songs where in the top ten from last week? I tried to get the info but couldn't find a link. Way fm is a huge blessing. Thanks so much for your ministry. Sabine

music team
Posted by sabine lacy on

I signed up for the "play what I say" team about 10 days ago. Haven't heard anything yet. Does it take awhile to get notified? Also, how do I find out which songs made it into the top ten the previous week? Can't always listen to the show on Saturdays. I tried to get the info online but couldn't find a link. Appreciate Way FM's ministry, it's a huge blessing. Sabine

Amazing Grace
Posted by Kristin Adkins on

There is a new song out that has part of Amazing Grace in it. I'm not sure who sings it, but I'm desperate to find this song to download. It's sung by a group, vocals are male. Any ideas, couldn't find it on iTunes with a song title of Amazing Grace. Thanks!

recent broadcast
Posted by Tom Heese on

Please tell me the speaker's name today, 4-2-2014 6:00 to 6:30pm. I was not able to hear the entire broadcast. Also on Sunday 3-30-2014 7:30 to 8:00am Thanks, Tom

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