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music change?
Posted by jesse on

hey I was just wondering why you guys changed the music format? it was really hard and now its like klove. no problems, just wondering

Requested song
Posted by Sean Tuttle on

Can you guys play praise like fireworks by rend collective experiment

Posted by anita cornwall on

dear wally, you suck at being a radio guy your shows are cheesy, when you ask artists to come and make beauty from your pain you make the song hurtfull and only god can heal you you are the biggiist idiot in the world...................... just kidding :) got u good

Song Request
Posted by Beth Cooper on

Mat Kearney - nothing left to lose

Song Request
Posted by Beth Cooper on

Flyleaf-All Around me

song Request
Posted by Beth Cooper on

The Almost - Say this sooner

Song Request
Posted by Beth Cooper on

Superchick - Beauty from pain

Why was this page last updated July 11th 2012
Posted by Beth Cooper on

Come on Wall-E

Posted by Henrique Vieira on

Hello, guys! I'm Henrique and I'm from the backwoods of Brazil. My little sister and me love listenning to WAY-FM. The songs really touch our hearts and our minds. Sorry the bad English... Merry Xmas! :D

Posted by Jean Babcock on

Hears a Christmas song, that really isn't about Christmas, but love found over the Holidays, kinda? Its just a cute rockin Christmas song that gets stuck in your head. Its romantic, yet sad, but nicely done. Check it out. His favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights X Christmas I wish I would have written sooner so I could crank it up loud in my truck and sing along. I do have a couple local Christian stations that I love, but you guys in the morning crack me up and make me smile and laugh my way at 5am to work, which who couldn't use at that hour? Keep up the great work, PS I like to hear a few Christmas songs after Christmas, It seems the day after Christmas it just all gets dropped like Christmas never even happened, which is sad. In His love, Jean, on the other coast in Oregon

Song Request
Posted by Zach on

Gary Rea - Need You

request song and thank you Joy
Posted by cliff on

third day Jesus light of the world thanks. I have no e-mail add

Hey Wally
Posted by Jennifer Skufca on

Hey Wally, I used to listen to your morning show almost every morning. Luv u man! For the record, I didn't stop listening to you, I'm just on a work leave so the opportunity just isn't there like it used to be... at the moment. Anyway, I'm a writer/poet, and I've noticed my poertry has evolved into, well, huh, rap as far as I can tell. Just so you know, when it comes to writing poems, I'm a natural, so I really surprised myself to see an all-natural twist to my writing style. I work relief every Sunday here at Champa House of THE DENVER RESCUE MISSION (almost six years now), and some of the girls encouraged me to get my songs (I call it poetry, they call it songs... rap) into the music scene. So, of course I thought of Toby Mac, and then the Lord led me to write this message to you. It is currently 3:20 am and I happen to be here at Champa covering for another staff. And out of the blue in the middle of the night I was led to write this message to you. Here is a sample of one of my poems: Sweet Dreamzzz A kiss with the lips A kiss with the eyes A tight tuck On all sides Now bless me Lord Snugged in bed Hugged in Your love Rest my head Guard my sleep Guide my dreamzzz Abba Father Shine your Beams! Nite nite With Adonai Snuggling With El Shadai 100 % God's-Down Comforter The feathers don't prick Nor do they smother The perfect balance Of cradled And cuddled Like no other Optimum rest Under His feathers! ... just a sample, I have more! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please let me know what you think and if you think Toby Mac would like it and use it in his songs? Shalom and B'ahava, Jennifer

Get a song played
Posted by Jill on

I would like to Salt and Light by Jami Smith. also church on fire. You play to manmy of the same songs over and over.

play a new songs
Posted by Jill on

Play Salt and Light by jami smith

Posted by Cheryl on

My family and I just recently moved to the Denver area, and we found WAY FM. Love it! The Wally Show rocks and helps me get started on a positive note every day. Thank you all for your ministry!! Can you add Nations by Fathom Blue to your playlist? Big following in Chicago for this band. We would love to hear more!

'Bein' a "CHOSEN/CHILD of God"
Posted by Robert Draughon Jr. on

Life is truly very INN/TER/EST/ING, Bein' I am a Recoveryin' "ALCOLIC/ADDICT/CRIMINAL. To come two the TRUTH God (has/did/DOES) words hold to come TWO/KNOW/LOVE. I've alwayz BELIEVE, TWO LEARN I/Am CHOSEN ON a EL/LETTE DIS/INN/Y. I LIVE Today EVERYDAY/STEP with JESUS,, TWO LOVE PEOPLE on this world. To HELP with UN/DER/STAND/IN' God's Word & The COM/PLETE TRUTH as JESUS' HAS/DID/DOES LIVE TWO/DAY!Yet as ALL the DIS/CIPLES/PROPHETS lived. I LIVE INN ther TRUTH. What's that? As "MOSES/NOAH Lived I DO LIVE TWO/DAY INN JESUS Name About YAHWEH'S LOVE!!! God Bless/Peace/LOve ALL the CHILDREN/BROTHER'S/SISTER's/ LOVE YA,,Red Jr.

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