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Welcome to our Press Page! Here, you'll find an array of information at your fingertips. We've provided some media, facts, and a section dedicated to what makes our purpose to reach others for Christ, so unique.

Please Contact Us, if you have any additional requests for information. 
The current mission statement of WAY-FM is:


Our Core Values
Founded in 1987 as an outreach to youth and young adults, we remain committed to that cause. Our Core Values are our commitment to unchanging beliefs and
represent how we live while working toward our mission. 

View our Core Values Here

Where did it all Start?

Bob and Felice were inspired to provide young people with a Christian music alternative that would continue to help minister to them. At the time, nothing of the sort had existed. The night that the Augsburgs were coming back from a Christian concert, Felice asked Bob, "Why can't we start a station of our own?" 

Read the WAY-FM Story

We Recently Celebrated 25 Years of Radio!
God has used WAY-FM to reach and minister to many individuals over the time it has been on the air. Thanks to the many gifts from other faithful listeners, WAY has been able to expand into many different cities across the United States and even onto many online platforms as well.

Read President Bob Augsburg's Message to Listeners

Our DJ's Rock:

Of course, you can't have a good station without great on air DJ's! Below are our on air personalities that make WAY-FM the station it is today. Feel free to visit their bio pages and check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

  Wally         Marcia Ware     Jeff Connell     Melissa Moore       Stu Gray


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God's Using WAY-FM to Impact Others

You can click here to listen to personal listener stories, and how their lives were impacted through the music and the people on the station.


Additional Resources

If you're writing a story about us, or just want to promote us somehow, here are some images for you to use. Just click on the image you want, and it should download for you.  And, oh yeah, please don't misuse them.






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Press Release
Posted by Dennis Melton on

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dennis Melton Email: New Xulon Story: the Paranormal Followed One Man Everywhere Melton pens a bold warning—the supernatural is a reality, how to protect kids MAITLAND, FL— Dennis Melton’s new book, I Married a Demoniac (oopsy!) ($16.49, paperback, 978-1-62509-421-6; $8.99, e-book, 978-1-62509-422-3) is a biography of a man, who experienced a paranormal childhood that eventually led up to the ultimate paranormal experience: A wife, demon-possessed with Legion (thousands of demons). The author points out that the public is obsessed with the paranormal. This truth has been supported by thousands of movies, TV shows, videos, Internet sites and books based on the paranormal—making this book both relevant and newsworthy. “I hope my readers get [a] real picture of the spirit realm, and realize that sometimes the paranormal, in whatever situation, can confound reality,” states the author. “[This] is a message to parents, and people in general that says, ‘To blatantly and purposely instill fear, horror, evil, or sorcery into your children, by means of any media, can open supernatural and paranormal windows into their lives that can be dangerous, harmful, or open them unwittingly to the paranormal.’” Dennis Melton is an accomplished author, ordained minister, and a trained deliverance minister, and has been doing house cleansings and exorcisms for nine years. “I Married a Demoniac” is his seventh published book. The other six, include “How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms,” “The Complete U-Overhaul,” “Supreme Self-Deliverance and Extreme Extraction,” “Deluxe Deliverance and Divine Extraction for Homosexuals,” “Dynamic Power Deliverance of Children and Teenagers,” and “U.S. Military Prayers of Safe Passage.” Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order I Married a Demoniac (oopsy!) through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and Contact: Dennis Melton (email) or cell # 832-646-4917

Posted by linda salerno on

I think it was you that was reading a book called Redeeming Love or Joy...What is that book..Hope you know what I am talking about

Posted by linda salerno on

You were reading a book.....Redeeming Joy or Love......what is the name of the book?

Posted by linda salerno on

You were reading a book Redeeming Love or Joy..What is the name of the book??

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